Event Curator and collaborator

Collaborated and hosted events for a diverse range of activities such as

  • Hosted Treasure Hunt and Car rallies with Kolkata on Wheels, where 150 corporate firms sent their employees for participation in a car race.

  • Hosted cooking shows focussed on top Bengali delicacies we were proud of.


Public Speaking

  • Participated as speaker in CXO forum on on "Think Smart, Act Proper" to sensitise the young minds about starting off in the business world.

  • Speaker at Issues of Leadership in Hospitality, Tourism and Service in the Leadership for Emerging Asian Business: The Knowledge and Technology Dimension on the 8th of February 2020

  • Speaker at Department of Technical Education and Skill Development, Government of West Bengal hosted Utkarsh Bangla- "Lets Meet Industry Connect Program" on 6th February, 2020!

  • Panellist at Discussion on “how to make family business an attractive option for the next generation” at the launch of “Managing Family Businnesses” Course at Techno India university, Kolkata


  • Mentor and Chief Guest to Women's Cricket Leagues supported the first ever Women’s Cricket League of Kolkata where young girls and teams participated

  • Mentor and Partner To Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management University: I have been working in strong partnership with the Hospitality department of this renowned Management school and have worked together for Christmas cake baking and selling sessions, food preparation and service and other student motivation and training programmes

  • Featured and also attended the first University Magazine launch of EIILM.


Working Committee Member

The Bengal Chambers of Commerce

Working as a member to the Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development committees in one of the oldest chambers of Commerce in the country with a vision and goal of holistic development of the state of West Bengal by introducing ideas, bringing together more tourism opportunities and creating Job opportunities for the people.

Hotels and Restaurants Association of East India

The only woman and youngest member to the Managing committee of HRAEI which tirelessly works towards being a platform to support hospitality concerns and to bring innovation in the hospitality sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Serving slow cooked soft biryani for Children’s day at Prabartak Sangha Home , a home and education centre for differently abled kids.

  • Financing Luekemia treatment of one 12 year old child suffering from Leukaemia at Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Research Centre.

  • Annual Children's Day food delivery to children in our neighbouring slum areas.

  • Donating wheelchairs to people in need, such as old parents of employees, and patients with walking disabilities.

  • Cleaning the largest park in Salt Lake for Environment Day in June 2018.


"My mission is to build a community with universalism and equality with compassion and love for animals alike. Thus, I try contributing in my small ways to help, love and care in my ways. Some topics which I strongly Focus on are"

Women empowerment

Women are powerful, beautiful, intelligent and strong. They are the backbone of many families and communities. Women empowerment is not just about women’s rights, but about the promotion of the way women are perceived in the society. We, women often shy away from doing alot of things for our happiness and freedom for the preconceived notions in people’s minds.

“If a boy can, why cant I?” has been my contention always, and I push all women to unapologetically be exactly what they want to be.

Care for animals

We humans live in close proximity with animals, and often forget to treat them with love and respect. The silence of animal abuse is something I cannot bear. As a dog lover, I try to take care of as many street dogs I find in all my work locations. Two of my biggest missions in Bengal would be to improve the state of the horses pulling heavy carriages around Victoria Memorial and the other would be to open an animal shelter and hospital for all animals. .

Equality for all

While changing India, has brought in many sprecturms of human differentiation, in my company or with my associates and friends I do not hold any biases and truly try my way to motivate people to think beyond religion, gender or sexual preference.